British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton remains skeptical about the new qualifying system after the idea is voted through unchanged on Friday by the world council of F1’s governing body, the FIA.

“I’ve generally enjoyed the qualifying we had for the last few years, so that’s why the changes we’ve made don’t make sense to me in my head right now,” said triple world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The new system, which will see drivers eliminated every 90 seconds in the closing minutes of each of three qualifying sessions will be used for the Australian Grand Prix on March 19 as the world council has decided to ignore suggestions for tweaks to avoid empty track at the end of qualifying.

The Bernie Ecclestone’s company responsible for timing and graphics who earlier stated the software cannot be unchanged has reversed their statement as a possibility and can fit with the new qualifying system.

Although, Hamilton decides it should be tested and the result and feedbacks will tell its success.null