Lionel Messi has come out to debunk all talks sorrounding him quitting international scene.

The 2015 European footballer of the year have been under criticism by the local media in his country following the Copa America final loss to host Chile.

“I never said that I wasn’t going to play any longer with the national team,” Messi told ESPN Radio.

“[The media] can’t kill me any more than they already have.

“I am used to them saying these types of things. Now we have friendlies and as long as the coach calls me up I am going to continue to be present.”

Coach of the Albiceleste Gerado Martino expressed his irritation to the reports of the media, saying he would do quit if he was the one.

Messi, 28, was included in Martino’s squad to face Bolivia and Mexico in the United States next month.