Let the battle beging!!! oh, my common sense just pricked me right now that am dealing with the females now, so let me be soft. Ok, Let the party begin!!!

The long wait is over. Four years ago it was in Germany but the hosting right has found its way to North America, maybe Africa, Nigeria will be next and it is time for the “S-heros” to clash for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada.

“Pressure is there every day, but we are high performers and that is what we get out of bed for. We don’t want these women who have given so much to this sport and to this country to walk away with a bad taste in their mouth like they did in 2011. This is it. It’s all or nothing.” John Herdman, Canada coach

Its Canada. You are welcome.

Nigeria takes on Sweden today in Winipeg as they open the group b campaign.

Both teams have met twice before now with one win for Sweden which Falcons lost by 3-0 and the latter a draw 1-1.


According to reports, almost 200 students in Canada will cheer the Falcons to a supposed.