By Sanu Akingbola

“I don’t think the whole philosophy of the club has changed in the way we are playing,” said Blind.

“This is what the manager wants and I agree with it. He is very clear in what he wants and we all understand what he wants.

“Of course, if you have played another system for a long time you have to get used to a new one, but that isn’t a problem.

“There are games when we are playing it very well but games when we can do it better. We are improving.
“It doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t always switch something in a day.

“It can take longer but we are improving every week and every game.
“He expects a lot from his players. He is very honest and clear in what he wants. That is a good thing.

“He makes players better and he makes teams better. I like that in a coach. That is his most important asset.
“It was the same when I was with him with Holland. He wanted to make the team better.

“As the team gets better, individuals started standing out as well.